Greenhouse Gases

Mountain Glacier

Warning! There’s lots of data here, and the numbers are astronomical. After all, we’re talking about the entire planet’s atmosphere. So I hope that this helps to give you a sense of the numbers:

1 Gigaton = 1,000,000,000 metric tonnes

The estimated weight of Mt. Everest = 3,400,000,000 metric tonnes

The list above is incomplete though. A very important element that's been left out, is black carbon which we'll look at below.
Each of these planet warming elements are released through different processes. But together they have a massive influence on our shared planet. As you can see here, regular old CO2 is only one part of a large and very important picture.











Read on to learn the whole grand story of the different emissions, where they come from, and what impacts they have on the people and animals we share the world with.

Pssht. That's gonna be soooo boring though.

Well, yes. It is a lot to absorb. But the thing is. We're talking about the lives of every single person you know. Every dog, every dolphin, every child, every horse, every chicken, and every penquin on Earth. So, it's kinda important.