Physical Health

Are cheeseburgers worth it?

While the expense of medical care for harmful lifestyles creates a huge burden, they pale in comparison to the ultimate cost - life itself. Knowing that these deadly diseases are completely preventable makes the situation all the more sorrowful.

No money in curing disease

Despite the perception that the diseases common to western culture are 'genetic' the question you should ask yourself is... why do they seem concentrated not in people with similar genetics, but similar lifestyles? Hundreds of scientific studies around the world link unhealthy lifestyle choices like consumption of animal products with a whole host of diseases. (link) (link) (link) Yet strangely, doctors and medical experts rarely tell us about healthy nutrition. This is because, like carfree lifestyles, there is less profit in preventing sickness. We’ve all heard commercials telling us to ‘ask your doctor if ‘X’ drug is right for you.’ How many of us though, have heard a commercial applauding the medical benefits of lentils?

It’s unfortunate that the medical experts that we trust to learn about health, actually have next to zero required coursework in good nutrition. (link) It’s therefore up to us to learn how our food affects us, with the help of people like Dr. Michael Greger.

Food equals health

Dr. Kamaljit Singh M.D. (AM) PhD