Air Pollution

Try holding your breath while you count your money

It may surprise you that air pollution related to animal-based foods and automobiles are responsible for an enormous number of health problems throughout the world. (link) (link) The situation is so grim that the World Health Organization estimates that 92% of all humans are breathing unsafe air. (link)

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Looking beyond the climate, we see a variety of impacts from toxic gases, which cause health problems for all of us no matter what city we live in or how much money we have. As with climate-changing gases, these cause harm to an estimated 92% of humanity. The larger source of pollution, not surprisingly, is from autos and other combustion engines. One study found that 50,000 U.S. deaths can be attributed to roadway pollution, while another estimates over 200,000. I’ll touch on just a few of the specific gases below, but you can see a larger list here.

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Imagine instead a world, that we’re all able to create, where everyone’s children can run outside and play in the fresh air like folks in Switzerland and Canada are able to enjoy today. (link) It’s not only good for our health, but the unused hospital care can save everyone time, money, and productivity. What kind of effects can we avoid? Read on to learn all about it.