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There are a huge number of advantages that come with both a plant based lifestyle and a car-free lifestyle. Both choices help us to enjoy longer, healthier, and more stress-free lives while reducing our impact on the world that we live in.
And while Emily’s video is used mainly to give you a smile, it does feel in my own opinion that living ‘plant-powerful’ really DOES help us improve our lives in a huge number of ways. ( link) ( link)

On one hand, plant-based food improves energy levels and the health of our immune system. It strengthens our heart, our muscles, digestion, and skin. In fact there are so many advantages that they would easily overwhelm this essay ( link). You can save time by just watching ‘Forks Over Knives’ or ‘What the Health’ for a quick overview. Keep reading on to learn about the myriad ways ( even little known ones) that we can improve our lives.

Eating plant-based also prevents the ‘numbing of the taste buds’ caused by overloading our bodies with fat. People who reduce the percentage of animal-based food in meals find that flavours are richer, more varied, and more delicious.

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from Daniela Lais author of 'Vegan on the Go'

There may not be as many netflix movies about the joys of carfree living, but the benefits are still wide-ranging. For starters, a car-free lifestyle helps us burn all of that delicious food more regularly, which results in a stronger and happier body.

benefits of biking

It may run counter to what you see in youtube ads, but I’m here to offer real evidence that living a life that is compassionate to all living beings is valuable not only to the health of our world, but is also valuable to our physical and emotional health as well.

So if you are someone who feels worried or concerned about the issues I mentioned surrounding our climate crisis, this should come as very good news. Because a carfree lifestyle which has almost no carbon footprint will also bring improvements to so many other parts of your life.

  • Biking and walking are low-impact exercises that are easy on our limbs
  • We can enjoy smaller streets and change our route on a whim
  • More space gets freed up in driveways for garden boxes or kids toys
  • Save time looking for parking space
  • Enjoy unexpected meetings with people you know
  • Save huge amounts of money both for yourself and your community
  • Enjoy a deeper connection to your neighborhood
  • Experience the world with all of your senses (smell that rain)
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In my own life I have experienced that the increased exercise of walking, bicycling (even with short bus hops) improve my life in at least as many ways as eating healthy. (link) There are enormous physical, psychological, social, and even spiritual rewards to embracing this transformation. It is my hope that through reading this essay you will find joy in seeing all of the many ways in which these choices can enliven your life and broaden your perception.