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From all of these sources, it’s clear now that both a plant-based lifestyle and a carfree one are essential in order for all of us to continue enjoying our beautiful planet. Boycotting oil whenever possible has a larger effect on our health and the quality of life in cities. People can choose (to some degree) whether they live near an animal slaughtering plant or not and so most people aren’t regularly exposed to the horrors there. However there are very few places in the western world where the spectre of highway pollution (toxic gases, smog, or noise) aren’t felt. The impact on health, the level of stress and the comfort of getting around are all impacted by attachment to high-speed transportation. On the other hand, eating foods made out of animal parts has enormous consequences for our climate, the health of the land on which we live, and our ability to enjoy clean, safe water.

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There’s two ways that you, dear reader, can respond to this essay. One is to say ‘Aw hell, everything that I do is bad for the planet. I’m just gonna get drunk.’ But the other is to realize that wherever you are at, there is always an opportunity to do more. Simply deciding that you’re vegan and that’s enough or simply accepting that you’re car-free and that’s enough, is to ignore the vast potential that we all have to enjoy a happier relationship with the world. There are people who protest oil pipelines, or who grow all their own food, or build houses out of recycled materials.

Anything that you can do to reduce your impact is great, and . . . you can always do more.

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